Custom-built Danish design

All Sanitov products are the outcome of a fruitful marriage between Chinese and Danish bicycle cultures. The original Sanitov bicycle, the C-type cargo bicycle, is the product of a cultural meeting between traditional Chinese bicycle design and the functionalistic, Danish design approach.

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The art of movement

All Sanitov products offer an integrated GPS-chip (optional) at no extra cost. This is primarily to ensure the security of the bicycle. Unfortunately, bicycles are often stolen from the street. The Sanitov S+ GPS tracking-system© is made to ensure that Sanitov users will always be able to find there bicycle should it be lost or stolen.

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Customised solutions

Sanitov products are directed at individual users and businesses alike. For private users, we offer an internet-based sales solution, in which the buyer can choose between a series of colours selected by the Sanitov design team.

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